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Politicians in Kaliyuga (Some truth and some Humour)

We are living in Kaliyuga. What makes it different from the earlier Yugas(eras)? As per Srimad Maha Bhagavatam written almost we do not know how many years before, they have given the definition of Kaliyuga as

Yada mayaanrutham thadra nidra himsa vishaadanam
shoko moho bhayam dainyam sa kalisthamasa smrutha

12th Skandha, 3rd chapter, verse 30 says that whenever deceits, falsehood, laziness, sleepy demeanor, killing and hurting, sorrow, suffering and distress and fearfulness are visible in the world, it shows that you are undergoing the effects of Kaliyuga.

And then there are verses from 31 onwards which gives specific experiences one would have in Kaliyuga which I am skipping and coming straight to what Bhagavata says about Politicians and Political Advisors in this yuga.

Shoodra prathigrahishyntha thapovidyopajeevina
Dharmam vakshyanthyadharmajnho adhiruhyothamaasanam 

Which means Shoodras (the fourth division of mankind) which is considered to be the lowermost rung of the ladder of Chaturvarnya (Four Divisions) will wear the outer garments of sages (the erstwhile Brahmins) and make money by taking bribes (undeserving returns or wealth) as returns for favours done. They in turn will sit in the best seat of thrones and rule the kingdom without any knowledge of honour and righteousness or administration and they even preach others about Dharma to the unsuspecting public without themselves knowing anything about it. 

So my argument is that these days there is only thing which cannot be changed, that is the date and time of birth of a person since they are unique like fingerprints. All other things about humans can be changed like a bald man can look like a man with very pleasing hairstyle using wigs, a dark complexioned person can change his appearance with makeups, an ignoramus person can become a doctor, hide many of the defects using artificial means and so on, you name it, it can be done. A killer can go about looking like a poor, pious and helping person among crowds etc. possibly carrying a bomb with him.

What I am trying to get at is we can use the time of birth and cast his horoscope and calculate the strength of a horoscope. Recording of the date is now compulsory to get a birth certificate, we should insist on having the time of birth also recorded in the birth certificate and this should be made a law.

We can then regrade the mankind into the four classes using the net strength of the horoscope using Astrology like

>= 75% strength          - Call them Brahmins – They can be the spiritual leaders, teachers etc.
>= 60 but less than 75 - Call them Kshatriyas – Let them be the beauracrats, defence personnels
>= 50 but less than 60 - Call them Vaishyas – They can continue to be traders.
>= 15 but less than 50 - Call them Shoodras who will be the Rulers of this country.

Less than 15%  – There will be none like that since they will never be born.

We can see that most of the successful politicians have a strength of less than  50%. Is it not? Those who had good strength never became good politicians - the typical symptom of Kaliyuga definition as I have given in the verses above.

I am now reminded of a story from the Panchatantra, a book illustrating general principles of behaviour and morals to be learned for successful living. Once a rich couple had a cute looking baby and they loved him very much and game him all comforts. However due to some sudden illness the baby died a premature death and the body was taken to the cremation ground just around the twilight evening. A vulture then approached them and told them that it is soon going to be night and during night this place was the play ground of ghosts, evil spirits etc. and it is better that you return home soon since the baby was anyway dead and why should they also die at the hands of evil spirits.

Suddenly a fox from nearby bush jumped in and told that the vulture is telling a lie and that in fact that day was very bad and the night will be very good  and there is all possibility that the baby will come alive during night. So do not leave the body of the baby there and allow wild animals to make a meal of it.

The teacher who told this story in the class asked the students. "Raise the hands of all those who agree with the vulture". Many hands were raised. And then the teacher asked to do the same to those who agree with the Fox. So the hands of all others were raised. None realised nor told that both were acting in their own selfish interests. If the parents had left immediately, the vulture could make a meal of it since it cannot see in the night and if the parents stayed and left later, the Fox would have made a meal of it.

Politicians are very similar to these vultures and foxes who make use of the situation for their selfish interests and never do they bother about the public. So never listen to them.

What do you think? Comments are welcome. We, the ordinary pious self respecting good public always have to suffer under the Shoodras, the rulers of the country as per Kaliyuga norms.  I presume that is our fate in Kaliyuga. In the 11th Skandha of Srimad Maha Bhagavatha , in the fourth chapter and in the 22nd verse it is mentioned " Shoodran Kalou Kshithibhujo Nyahanishyadanthe"  which means that in the end of Kaliyuga, God, as incarnated as Kali  will kill those Shoodras in the garb of Kings who are most wicked, selfish and sexually perverted. The indications of this has already started in the rulers of many of our countries in the Globe.

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