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Astrology - Evaluation of Horoscope Vis-a-Vis Predictions

Horoscope - Evaluation Vs Prediction

What is going to happen in future. All of us wish to know the answers to this question. But can it be done? And if at all it is possible, are such predictions trustworthy. Let us take Meteorology for example. They predict rain and it is very sunny on that day.  We are disappointed. I have asked some of my airline pilot friends whether they rely on weather forecasting. Their answer was they just listen to the briefing before take off, but never bother about it. It is while flying the aircraft they expect turbulence irrespective of weather forecasts. Weather changes so fast and one has to be prepared for such sudden changes. So in effect Meteorology is an unreliable branch of science. They say over a period of time or over a vast area something could be predicted, but not specifically at a particular place. Yes, we all know one day we will die, but what's the use of knowing that! Had we known that we will die on a specific day, of course some things can be done to finish off all pending assignments, distribute all your wealth and assets etc. and welcome St.Peter at your doorstep.

Reading my earlier articles on the subject of Astrology I am very disappointed by the mails being received from readers. Most of them are only interested in questions which cannot be answered precisely using Astrology? Like "When will I get a Job?" or "When will I get married?" or "I have problems with my marriage. How can it be resolved etc." There is hardly any interest shown how best astrology can really be used in our life. And I am also totally flabbergasted by astrologers predicting political situation and who will win the Elections etc. These are all beyond the realms of Astrology, a divine science which should be used for more respectable and spiritually motivating subjects. Some of the astrologers even go to the extent of suggesting remedies which are very costly and of no use at all like Gem Recommendations, Homas (some form of worship prevalent among Hindus) and Poojas (idol worship) which are all being attributed to invoke God's blessings.

I would like to say God is not very choosy in blessing people particularly ones who are spending a lot of money on appeasing him by meaningless rituals being conducted by the Poojaris (Priests) who have hardly any in depth spiritual knowledge like the Priests on the Banks of river Ganges in Varanasi or in many other places. Gems have suddenly come into the forefront due to the media creation of the importance of purity of Gold, creation of dates like Akshaya thritheeya (Birthday of Lord Parasuram) for amassing Gold, Gems etc. making profit for the jewellery business communities.

I would therefore like to share my views on Astrology being used in predicting very mundane affairs and the recommendation of remedies in a impartial way. Remedies might to some extent do some counseling effect on the questioner of their problems. But in fact these do not help them at all except some loss of their hard earned money.

The basic principle of Astrology is illustrated in the following verse in Sanskrit :

Ahimsakasya Danthasya
Dharmadika Dhanasya cha
Sarvatha Niyamasthasya
Sada Sanugraha Graha

which really means that those who follow the axioms

1. Do not hurt anyone for sport.
2. Always earn money through Dharma marga (Honest Means) only.
3. Always obey the rules of the society you live in.
4. Such people will always be blessed by the Stars and Planets

If you can follow the above, there will be no need to do any remedies to ease your problems. And God's blessing will always be invoked.

By telling that all such predictions/remedies and the Poojavidhees (method of worships) are illustrated in the old scriptures by sages is only a half truth. They have written so many things including the verse written above to easily get blessings from God.

And coming back to Astrology, it is not at all a predictive science. It is only a self evaluating method of how your life is going to be on taking birth on this planet Earth or (perhaps in another planet also), using the input as Date, Time and place of birth. And to cast a horoscope is only a mathematical way of placing planets in the different houses of the chart taking into consideration the longitudes of planets, sun and moon etc. at the time of birth with respect to the place where you are born which details are continuously being monitored scientifically by NASA and those figures are the ones we use in all almanacs round the world.

Now that we have the horoscope chart, it has to be further analysed to find the strength of the houses (Bhavas) which is the backbone of Astrology. Each bhava is a part of Kalapurusha and there are various significations attributed to each house. You can get a detailed information about this by reading my articles on or by searching the internet which contains many sites giving these details.

Again the method of calculating these strengths of planets and houses is well illustrated in our ancient scriptures in a very superficial manner since in those days the science of mathematics were not well developed like Trigonometry, Solid geometry, Differentiation and Integration etc. It was Dr. B.V. Raman who put them into a meaningful book which is now widely used in preparing Shadbalas and Bhavabalas (Strength of planets and Houses).

So using these strengths, we can prepare a mark sheet of Life when a child is born. It need not only be a child, it could be anything a problem coming to your mind, or a sudden idea or a plan and you name it, a birth time is there for every one of our issues.

These mark sheets give the Percentage strength of individual houses which I have already posted on this site in separate articles. And how does this help?

It evaluates the horoscope as to how strong or otherwise a particular house is and you will know the success factor of all significations pertaining to that house.

Let us take for example, the 7th house which represents marital bliss among other things, most of the questions on this forum is about. Or the 10th house which represents Career/Profession and the 11th house which signifies the Returns you get from Career/Job. Refer my earlier articles.

The strength can be classified as follows : A 35% strength is required for a Pass and as the strength goes up the potency of the house also increases progressively. Perhaps a strength of more than 75% is considered to be Very good, Excellent or even Outstanding. And your success factor in matters pertaining to the house could be well understood.

What is the advantage of knowing this strength? You can go ahead with matters signified by the respective strong houses with all the might and you will be successful in your ventures. And keep away from matters signified by houses which has a poor strength or you may soft pedal in such matters and leave it aside to take its own course. Trying to swim against the tide is useless, you will get tired and perhaps even drown. Is it not?

And to increase the strength of a weak house and therefore the matters signified by those houses, no body can help you. No remedies, no astrologer, not even homas, manthras or poojas. It will remain as it is. It is your knowledge that the strength is weak, that is what will help you. When you find "Slippery Road Ahead" while you are driving your vehicle, what do you do? Just be careful, that is all. Is it not? We cannot stop the car, remove the slipperiness ahead and proceed. The best we could do is to lower the speed, do not apply the brake all of a sudden or perhaps gear down to have more control over the engine. Forewarned is forearmed just like you carry an umbrella if you know it is going to rain.

And Predictions being offered by Astrologers using Dasa(Periods), Anthardasas(sub periods) are totally meaningless. It is mentioned in the BPHS (the authoritative book on astrology Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra) that Dasas are subdivided into Antardasa and each antardasa is divided into 9 paryanthardas(sub sub period) known as PD and each PD is subdivided into 9 Sookshma Antardasas known as SAD and each SAD is further sub divided into 9 Praana Anthardasas PAD and each PAD is further sub divided into 9 Deha Antardasas and so on. Just look at the example below :

Vimsottari Dasa:

Merc MD: 2071-07-31 (8:41:60 pm) - 2088-07-30 (11:38:24 pm)

      Ven AD: 2074-12-24 (4:29:17 pm) - 2077-10-24 (12:58:41 pm)
            Jup PD: 2076-06-02 (5:42:13 pm) - 2076-10-18 (5:14:08 pm)
                 Ket SD: 2076-08-01 (12:42:03 pm) - 2076-08-09 (1:52:25 pm)
                      Mars PAD: 2076-08-04 (9:55:16 am) - 2076-08-04 (9:11:22 pm)

                         Deha-antardasas in this PAD:

                          Mars: 2076-08-04 (9:55:16 am) - 2076-08-04 (10:34:42 am)
                             Rah: 2076-08-04 (10:34:42 am) - 2076-08-04 (12:16:07 pm)
                               Jup: 2076-08-04 (12:16:07 pm) - 2076-08-04 (1:46:16 pm)
                                  Sat: 2076-08-04 (1:46:16 pm) - 2076-08-04 (3:33:19 pm)
                                    Merc: 2076-08-04 (3:33:19 pm) - 2076-08-04 (5:09:06 pm)
                                      Ket: 2076-08-04 (5:09:06 pm) - 2076-08-04 (5:48:32 pm)
                                        Ven: 2076-08-04 (5:48:32 pm) - 2076-08-04 (7:41:13 pm)
                                           Sun: 2076-08-04 (7:41:13 pm) - 2076-08-04 (8:15:02 pm)
                                             Moon: 2076-08-04 (8:15:02 pm) - 2076-08-04 (9:11:22 pm)

From the above you will note that on 4th Aug 2076, from 8:15 p.m to 9:11 pm, for a period of 56 minutes, this native has Moons DAD within Mars PAD in Kethu SD in Jupiter PD in Venus Ad in Mercury MD which means the combined effect of all these planets are manifesting during this period of 56 minutes. So how can you say that your Mercury Period of 17 years is good or bad.

All these observations boil down to the fact that we are controlled by the net integrated strength by all the planets taken together during each breath we take and what is the purpose of, that in one horoscope, Venus is strong and therefore during Venus Dasa, everything happens will be good for you. What a foolish observation. We are totally controlled by all the planets working in tandem and not by individual periods or sub periods or sub sub periods and so on.

So therefore please do not get carried away by predictions of Astrologers that your such and such dasa is starting on such and such a date and from then on you will be happy and prosperous. They may be doing it to appease you. We all look forward to better days ahead. Isn't it?

God has created each one of us for a purpose and you are given certain assignments to be carried on His behalf. We have no option but to do it. We can never sit idle or sleep off our life. That is why your body is fully controlled and there is a mathematics behind that control. You can take food up to your mouth and after that everything happens on a time bound program and after that time, you feel hungry again. Happiness is also similar to hunger, once you get your happiness of choice, you will start having new desires and so on. There is no end to it.

And to understand the truth of our life, you need to be well educated not from colleges or universities but by observing life around you. To each one of us we have different definitions for our desires. Like Health, Wealth, Courage, Happiness, Children, Debts/Diseases/Enemies, Marital bliss, Sexual Enjoyment, Luck or Fortune, Career, Gains and Spiritual Knowledge leading to Salvation. To my mind Wealth is knowing yourself that you have enough. You may have a different definition. But it does not have a universal definition. So is Health, Success etc.

Remember that we are all screw drivers in the hands of God, and we do not have much say in how or where and for what we should be used for. He knows Best and He will make you do his wishes to be carried out which is incidentally embedded in your DNA codes. And that is why you get inspirations for doing a job seconds before you do them.

If someone finds that his marriage is not taking place, it is God's wishes and He knows best when you should get married and at that particular time, your girl/boy will appear in front of you. A Python never hunts for its prey. It just lies down and the prey appears before it whenever it is hungry.

So friends, do not worry about your life. Horoscope is only a map of your life and use it to your best advantage. Do not ask silly questions like whether I will get a job. You if born, will have a job to do and at the appropriate time, you will be given your assignment. And mind you, no job is bad or good whether you are a Software Architect, Chartered Accountant or a Civil Service Officer or an unscrupulous Politician or a Sewage Cleaner. They all have their places in this Universe and whenever there is an imbalance God will intervene. Don't you remember during World War II, more than 5 million Jews were exterminated. No human being like Hitler alone could have done it. It had God's blessings to be carried out. Otherwise it would have been impossible. And look at the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. God intervenes whenever there is need to do so. Look at the recent flood in Kedarnath and Badrinath at Uttarakhand in the Himalayas. All anti environmental constructions were wiped off.

Spiritual knowledge is the ultimate of all knowledge and spend your gifted time in this world to acquire it rather than getting an overseas job or listening to an Astrologer that you will marry a beautiful, rich and loving girl. All these could last only for a short while and afterwards you will be in search of new pastures.

One might now ask the question, if everything is predestined and decided by God, why should you pray to God. The answer is God has also used while writing your destiny in certain places "As you Wish" which means some things are left to you and you have to wish for that to materialise.

Thank you for spending your time and reading this post. I am sure many of you would have fallen asleep.

Ramachandran Nambissan T.M

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