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Muhurta - Auspicious Times to initiate actions.

Muhurta is the auspicious time which holds in its embryo the fate and future of the yet to be initiated activities and we use astrological calculations for finding out such time considering the execution of the proposed activity as the birth time as is done in Horary/Electional astrology.

Auspicious means promising success, propitious, opportune and favourable and obviously auspicious time implies success in the future, while propitious means favourable conditions are present, which provides means of promising or of good omen—not just special or memorable ones.

As per Srimad Bhagavatham 3.14.38 which says “Because of your mind's being polluted, because of defilement of the particular time, because of your negligence of my directions, and because of your being apathetic to the demigods, everything was inauspicious”. This shows that Veda endorses auspicious time to take action or initiate an action is to your advantage to get the blessings of God invoked.

So following an auspicious time to initiate any action in life is advantageous to the doer particularly if his horoscope is not sufficiently potent enough to give him fruitful results for all actions he undertakes. I mean that his horoscope has a net strength of less than 35% as evaluated by the algorithm explained in my article on “Scientific Evaluation of a Horoscope” on this site. To many, the time of birth is also not known and such people cannot have a birth chart  and they can best make use of this auspicious time for all important actions in their life like initiating the studies, Vidyarambha, applying for a job after studies, marriage, starting of any project like building a house, starting a job or  going abroad for business purposes and even begetting a child who is fortunate and successful in life etc.

Now how do you find this Muhurta the Sanskrit word for auspicious time. Let us take an example you want to start a project of setting up a Biscuit factory and you approach an astrologer for this purpose.

You will have to tell him the purpose and the approximate date and time when you wish to start this project by let us say by laying the foundation stone of the factory.

The astrologer then prepares a chart based on the intended date, time and place. And he checks the strength of the planets and the houses. The net strength of the chart is worked out either manually or by using astrological software which are very common these days. If the net strength of the horoscope is more and 90%, you can say that the factory will eventually produce outstanding results. And the lower this strength is the performance of the factory will also be less in proportion. The minimum acceptable can be determined by the owner who is the winner of the fruits of labour.

If he is still not happy with the success factor, he can repeat this process at a later time when conditions are more favourable.

It is believed that though one is not endowed with a good horoscope, his actions still can produce good results if they are started at auspicious times. But it is fool hardy to declare a time auspicious for all purposes as is being printed in the almanacs or calendars these days. The auspicious time will vary depending on the place, time and date and there are no universal auspicious times. India when it became independent, a good Muhurta was not chosen and the strength of our birth time midnight of 15 August 1947 was only some 27% potent and that is what we are all suffering on account of now, no promising growth, no efficient leaders, fighting politicians, corrupt bureaucracy, illiterate public selfish in nature and you name it  and what not.

The calculation of net strength of a horoscope though it is time consuming to prepare if done manually, these days these can be done using computers in a matter of seconds. Therefore trial and error has become very easy and we can check many alternatives in one sitting with an astrologer.

And these days I do get a number of requests from doctors, parents etc. to suggest a suitable time for cesarean delivery to be conducted. And though I do not advocate meddling in Nature and its ways, on compulsive persuasion, I had prescribed the time after studying the horoscope with the suggested time and going forward and backward to arrive at a suitable time most auspicious for this purpose, generally with a more than 80% strength for the chart at that time. In case of emergencies, these strengths have to be compromised with a lower one.

And what happens. To my mind, it is a futile exercise. Births and Deaths are totally controlled by God and you cannot manipulate it with the assistance of a doctor or anyone for that matter. It is misusing astrology which is a sin. Even if I can tell you a best time for conducting the Cesarean, it does not help since most often the doctors get delayed and it cannot be done at the desired time. And even if you are able to do it, the time of birth is the time when the baby cries for the first time and that is definitely not in the hands of anyone.

And giving a good date is again totally meaningless since there are good times and bad times within a day which you cannot have any control on.

So, if you have a major job at hand doing which you expect to get favourable returns, always start it at the most auspicious time  and you are fairly certain of victory even if your own horoscope is not that potent. The actions and the result thereof will bear fruit if started at the right time considered to be auspicious as per planetary placements and not by the star, thithi or day as is being done now in common. There are no universal auspicious times.

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Ramachandran Nambissan T M
Dated 21 April 2014

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