Often people write to me asking  whether they can make quick money from Stock Market using Astrological guidance. While I always advise people to work hard for your living rather than trying to get rich by quick rich methods, they are not satisfied with such answers and I am therefore publishing this article.

Astrology can certainly give you a blue print of your life provided you know your date, time and place of birth accurately. A scientific evaluation of a horoscope can give you an insight into your level of success in your career and the returns therefrom by analyzing the 10th and 11th houses respectively, a sample of which is given below.

From the above chart, you can see that the native has a strength of 48.92% for his 10th house and the strength of 11th house which indicates the returns therefrom is 45.40% which shows that if the native when puts in 48.92 units of work, what he gets in return is only valued as equivalent to 45.40 units. Therefore is he unlikely to make a profit from business including investment in stocks and shares or any other form of deposits.  Or you can say that he will only lose money in the share market.

If the strength of the 11th house is in excess of that of the 10th house, he will make a profit in any business which he undertakes including investing in stock market or any other means of investment.

Not everyone will have such a chart and it is imperative that one's horoscope has to be properly analysed for profitable investment.

However I must say trading in the stock market is total gambling and one can never be sure that he will make a profit or loss except if you have surplus money and invest them in equities and sell them only when the prices go up and you have ample time at your disposal to gain such profit. It is as good as investing in fixed deposits in the Banks but without any expiry date except in the form of your having made a respectable profit.

Futures and Options trading is just like playing cards or playing in the casinos. You are never sure that you will make a profit. Normally when you think that you will make a profit, you will end up in a loss and vice versa. And even if you make a profit, you will be tempted to make more money by playing more and ultimately you will be a loser.

There is an unwritten law of nature that riches made out of Gambling will be wasted out with no benefit accrued to the player. And only money made after toiling hard with sweat and blood will be of any use to you.

The so called financial experts who give advice to investors are parasites on the investing community and they are very wise in restricting themselves to giving advice to others without ever involving in any such gambles themselves.

Still if one has a good and potent 11th house, he/she will make more money than what is deserved in comparison with the amount of work that has been done.

Read Steve Job's words (Some say they were fake) written while he was in the hospital waiting for the impending Death. Whether fake or not, they are the facts of life for each and everyone of us.

T.M.Ramachandran Nambissan

Dated 1 Nov 2015